Marshall Ferrets

Marshall Ferrets
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Although ferrets can appear very tame, they are not easy to look after as they need a great deal of space and time dedicated from their keepers. They are very social creatures which do appreciate interaction with either their own kind or their keepers.


Avoid glass aquariums as they do not allow enough air flow. Cages should be big enough for your ferret to play, and should have at least two levels. Be sure the cage door fastens securely, as ferrets are master escape artists. The cage should be kept away from draughts and direct sunlight.

Provide plenty of bedding; a deep, clean layer of aspen shavings on the floor. You can add items of interest for them to play with such as hammocks, tunnels and toys to their home. Many owners add old clothing or towels as bedding in their ferrets home as the cloth can be washed and ferrets enjoy snuggling up in the fabric.

Their home should be tidied every day and thoroughly cleaned every week. Place the food and water bowls and bottles on a separate level from the litter pan.



Ferrets are carnivores and need a diet that consists mainly of meat. There are several types of commercial dry kibble feeds for ferrets that are designed to keep your ferrets healthy and well fed.

We at The Vivarium feed all our ferrets Marshall and Kaytee products and have had much success with these products. 

It is important to feed your ferret correctly from an early age. Ferrets get used to eating certain foods and brands, and changing them can prove tricky. Your ferret may not like any new food you try and introduce later on. 

*** Ferrets are known to hide their food (and anything else they take a shine to) and may have a secret hidey hole. Be aware where this hiding place is, as you probably don’t want secret stashes of raw meat and other foods in your home.


Ferrets must be vaccinated against the potentially fatal disease canine distemper. Your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise you on this.

Ferrets can suffer from heat exhaustion, so do not leave the ferrets' home in direct sunlight. 

Ferrets can catch the influenza virus from humans, and you should keep away from ferrets if you have the flu. Keep an infected ferret away from the others and seek veterinary advice straight away.

If a ferret is constantly scratching, producing bald patches in its fur and broken patches in its skin, it may have mange. Seek veterinary advice straight away.

Ferrets can suffer from parasites if their bedding is not kept clean. Check ferrets' ears and coat regularly and seek veterinary advice if there is any sign of mites.

If you have any concerns about the health of your ferrets, ask your veterinary surgeon for advice.

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