Spiny Mice

Spiny Mice
Spiny Mice
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The Egyptian spiny mouse is a small rodent that has a possum-like face and a calm temperament. They are a golden brown color with light patches underneath their eyes and behind their ears. Their spines can be black or tan. The overall size for a spiny mouse is 5 to 7 inches. Spiny mice may live up to 5 years in captivity.


Spiny mice are best housed in plastic terrarium or glass tank with a wire mesh lid. The terrarium and especially the lid has to be escape-proof and gnaw- resistant. Terrarium shouldn't be placed in draughty place or in direct sunlight. Choose a place where you can most easily feed your spiny mice, change their beddings and, of course, play with them. ou should clean up the tank approximately once a week, depending on how many mice you have and how large the tank is.

For beddings, use high quality products other that pine, cedar, or aspen shavings. Along with beddings, spiny mouse needs drinking bottle, food bowl, salt- and mineral stones and a nest box in their abode. Do not put anything plastic in the tank -- it gets chewed up very quickly. All kinds of cardboard boxes (coffee, tea, biscuit etc) make excellent and cheap nests. Spiny mice love to chew holes in them, too.

Spiny mice are very active, so you can give an adult spiny mouse a running wheel.

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